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  • Copyright: Shenzhen Kangtai biological products Limited by Share Ltd   Address: No. 6, KORUN Road, Nanshan District science and Technology Park, Shenzhen Tel:86-755-26988688
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  • Engaged in the research and development of vaccine in the field of biological medicine

    A health oriented modern science and technology enterprise, an effort to build the national health protection the Great Wall, has the first national independent intellectual property rights quadruple vaccine, grasp the world vaccine technology forefront of the International Vaccine enterprises. 25 of the vaccine projects, of which 5 have applied for national drug production registration, 11 have received clinical approval, 1 have applied for clinical research, and 8 are undergoing pre clinical research. The company is located at No. 6 KFA Road, Nanshan District science and Technology Park, Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 634 million yuan.

    30 years of development

    Sales cover a wide range of areas

    walk Thirty years Bio pharmaceutical Domain company

    Management advantage

    Quality management covers the whole process of product R & D, trial production, raw material procurement, product production process, inspection, storage and 

    The company has strong technology, and has a leading domestic vaccine and multi valent vaccine research center, one of the first high-tech enterprises in the country.

    Technical advantage

    The registered capital is 634 million yuan RMB, with the Shenzhen Science Park and the two major R & D base in Beijing. The Shenzhen Guangming vaccine R & D

    Resource advantage

    Team advantage

    The company has more than 100 full-time R & D personnel, of whom several core technical personnel are involved in several "863" national key research projects.

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